Problems getting Camera to follow Character when in flight.

I am new to Blender. I needed to know if there is a way to attach a camera to a character when traveling on the Z axis. The camera wants to follow too slowly, and is soon left at the bottom while the character flew to a mountain top, etc. Any suggestions?

To get the camera to follow an object add a Camera actuator to the camera and set the OB to the Object you want to follow (adjust min, max and height to suit your needs). You’ll also need to connect an Always sensor and an AND controller to trigger the actuator.

The camera wants to lay toward the ground as the object it is attached to goes toward the sky. I have tried parenting the camera to the object but then nothing works. Then I tried numerous changes to the X, Y, and hieght fields with no luck as well.
The game I want to try to design will have a dragon that a character can ride on at times within the world. If I can’t get the camera to follow while traveling upward then this idea will haft to be thrown out.
Is this possible in the blender engine? By the way thank you for trying!

You should be able to make your object the camera’s parent. That will make the camera maintain a certain distance and perspective in relation to your object. I just did a simple test and that worked fine. Though perhaps there is something in your setup that works against this.

The camera is currently parented to the object, and it follows the object smoothly while on the ground. As a test I make the object go straight up toward the sky- the camera will follow half way and then it will stop at mid point as the object continues to fly upward at moderate speed or slower. I am thinking of trying put the camera sidways so that the camera will follow the object while in the air but then the picture will be sideways too. It just seems that the camera only goes so far when it comes down to the Z axis (height) relationship. Could you put your test for download? Maybe there is a setting I overlooked.

Sorry. I’m at work and don’t have access to anywhere to post the file. It would probably be better if you post your file anyway. As someone else may know the answer after seeing your file.

I appreciate your efforts anyway. You were the only one that tried. Flick off a supervisor for all of us at work :).