Problems importing 3ds

I have obtained a large number of “3ds” models; however, most will not open. Is there a file limit size, or constraint limit? I’m using Vers. 2.57.

I’m simply selecting “Import”, choosing the 3ds file, and selecting “Import 3ds”, and most of the time, nothing happens ??? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’m a newbie, so don’t hurt me!:evilgrin:

First, you have pretty historical blender version. You could have looked for 2.68 probably.
Second, delete default cube before import and after you import see Outliner. Look for some new name there.
Hit N in 3dview to open Properties panel; hit dot on numpad to center on imported object.
Look at the scale numbers at N panel. Apply scale Ctrl-a - Scale; see location of the object - you will need to move it to coord center, on a lot of occasions imported object is miles away from that. Use Shift-S, 3dcursor to Center, Shift-S, Selection to 3dcursor(offset).
You might want to change Scene scale and Camera view clipping distance.

Thanks for the quick reply, eppo! I’m now able to open 3DS models. I’m now on a quest to find out how to get the Camera to show up in the Scene. This is all new to me!!

Thanks again.

By default, if you start blender there is Cube, Lamp and Camera in already. Again, look into Outliner - all you have is listed there.
But for how to get around in blender better check some on blender wiki or look for some videos over here.

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