problems importing model to blender. Need help bigtime!

hi there guys, ive just finished modelling something for a college project. Ive used archiad and now want to pull the model into blender to manipulate it a little further as well as adding textures and lighting and stuff. I was advised to simply save the 3d view as an obj or dxf or 3ds then simply open blender and import.
However ive done this and nothing seems to be happening in the case of the dxf and 3ds while an error message comes up with the obj telling me its not a blender file.
Truth is i havent done this before, but its vital that i do it for this work, so any help at all will be great. And in terms for a complete noob would be great. Oh by the way iam working on version 2.48a by the way. Thanks very much for you help guys.

so are you opening the file or importing it? there is a big difference…
also try to find any error messages and post them… or screenshots of why it doesn’t look the way you want it to look

hi dyf,
Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Yeah iam saving the original archiad model as a obj and a version as a dxf and 3ds. With the importing in blender, there only seems to be 3 options-cant remember the other two, but one is a dxf, when i click it it seems to want to do something but then nothing seems to come in to blender/the file at all. Your right i am just trying to open the obj and 3ds using blender but it comes up as an error saying its not a blender document. check my console! Really dunno where iam going with it at the minute, well and truly stuck!
Thanks again

You should have a whole bunch of Import options. Check the default scripts path points to .blender/scripts. Try looking in the Outliner window after importing. Sometimes it is very small, very large or inside the default cube.
If you are really stuck, can you upload the .obj and .3ds and I’ll try it here?