Problems importing the .Off file in blender 2.42a

Hey guys,
I’m new to blender and to this forum. I have just started using python scripts. I was trying to learn how to import models and I tried to import an .off file which i downloaded from :
I keep getting an error:
File :"<String>", line 119 in fs_callback
File:"<String>", line 76 in read
ValueError: need more than 1 value to Unpack

Also i saw the script and i couldnt understand what the author was doing in the part where he was getting the face indices… heres a code snippet :

# === Face List ===
for i in range(numfaces):
if not i%100 and meshtools.show_progress:
Blender.Window.DrawProgressBar(float(i)/numfaces, "Reading Faces")
line = file.readline().split()
numfaceverts = len(line)-1
facev = []
for j in range(numfaceverts):
index = int(line[j+1])

Why is he taking int(line[j+1])? i tried similar statement in python window and it throws an error that space cant be converted and why is he reversing the indices before storing to “faces”?
Also I am trying to import a bezier patch. So i have the degree along U and V and the control points. Can anyone tell me a sample script file that imports bezier patches?

Thanx a lot,

please link to the off file directly

some of these were the models…

And yeah i understood why the author is taking int(line[j+1]) but i dont understand why hes taking the reverse of the faces…

And if anyone knows how to import bezier patches , or any script that has been written , please let me know…


also i noticed that at each face indices, these faces have color information. I also tried removing the color information ,leaving just the face - vertex indices. But that didnt solve the problem either…

fixed in CVS, color info was it? 1 color per face?

Will see it…thanx…in the meantime some please show me on how to import NURBS/Bezier patches…thanx a lot