Problems in 2.41

I’m finding some problems in 2.41. The worst of which is: you cannot trigger an IPO animation with a message sensor. Blend:
I checked the alpha test version, and it still works. What’s this supposed to mean?

Shadows still don’t work

I’m still seeing a spike in physics when my character faces certain directions. I’ve posted about this before but it still hasn’t been fixed.

It also doesn’t look like any Bullet problems have been fixed (AddObject, dynamic always rigidbody, etc).

Ah! Thanks PlantPerson. I noticed a similar Bug in my Project, but i can’t figure out what the Problem was. Now i got it.

The IPO also not work, if the Pulse came from an Property Sensor on the Changed Setting. It seems, that only the IPO Actuator has a Problem. Other Actuators and Scripts connected to the Sensor work.


Another problem. In previous versions, as you manipulated the UV coordinates in the image window, you could see the effect in the 3D window. Now it only updates when you stop manipulating, the same as 2.2x versions.

Hi all,

could you please post your bugs to the bug tracker?

Also did any of you try with the 2.41RC1 or 2.41RC2 builds prior to release? We can’t fix bugs unless we know about them, that is why we have prerelease builds for you guys to test with.


@ PlantPerson
UV realtime view of UV-manipulation works. You have to click the Lock-Symbol at the Bar of the UV-Editor. :wink:

If i find a Bug, i need to be sure it is one. Could be it’s my Mistake, or Blender handle this different now. I try to extract the Bug from my Project and i try to redo and confirm it. If the Bug still happens, my Way goes to the Bug Tracker. As now. :smiley:

I didn’t know it was an “option.” :wink: Why isn’t it set by default anymore? That’s a great feature!

I did test this in one of the alpha versions, and stated several problems (see the sticky thread), but not all of them were fixed (my framerate slowdown in particular) and the message-ipo bug was not there in alpha versions.

I’m looking for the bug tracker, but I can’t find it, would you enlighten me please?

Even an old Dog can learn something new. :smiley:
The BugTrackers are here:

I’ve already reported the IPO-Bug.

А до хуя проблем вы ещё увидете в блэндере.
Mega best game engine is ‘blender 2.33’. Хуй.

When I started a game created in 2.37 in 2.41 my character is no longer dynamic even though the dynamic button is depressed. This happens in sumo physics but in bullet physics my character just spins uncontrolably. I dont know if this is a bug or if I’m just doing something wrong. Does anyone know what can be causing this problem?