Problems In Blender

Hey everyone,
My friends and I are making a game for university.
Using Blender is a bit of a rollercoater, but hey it’s free right.
Anyways, we are having some major problems at the moment.

The first is that the collisions aren’t working. We have tried setting up
collisions in the logic panel. Our character is an actor, dynamic and no sleeping.
When set to sphere bounding box he will stay above the terrain, but float. All the others
he falls through it. He always walks through buildings and othetr objects.

The second problem is shading or textures. I’m not sure which, probably a bit of
both. Most of our objects texture very nicely and react well to the light source.
The main character however refuses to deviate from its pale white texture.
He appears to be void of any shading, light effects and shadows.

Thanks in advance,

The way I do collision is to put a box around the character and parent the character’s armature to the box. Then you would set the box to dynamic and use box collision, and the character itself to ghost. Then apply the character’s logic to the box.
For the second question, is your character’s materials set to “shadeless”?

if you could post the .blend it would be alot easier to see what you’re doing wrong, as far as the sphere goes though, you should be able to add a texture to it using the UV editor. I used to know a bst in eq with that same name, was it you?