Problems installing SID

I decided to give it a try to Super Image Denoiser and It doesn’t matter what version of Blender I try to install, I receive the same error message. Obviously related to Python. I have no idea how to solve that and I was using Kubuntu 20.04 and upgrading the system to the new version did not help at all. I suspect I only made things even more complicated.

Does someone know how to solve this, please? Thank you in advance.

Hmm… wondering

is not a valid dir

but then it is used (?) or something else and

Cannot load icons from ...

are there any icons in the given path ? (which isn’t readable in you screenshot…) or is it a existing path at
all ??

The full message says:

But the folder is there, with the icons:

I don’t know if all of them, cause I have no idea what is supposed to be there.

Wait, Is that caps Icons the problem? The message says: icons, and not Icons. I will try.

LOL. I can’t believe that was the problem. I could not imagine that the installer would create a folder with the wrong name on it. Everything looked ok at first glance.

Thank you for your help anyway, @Okidoki, without your help I would not think about that.

I was assuming the installer created the folders with the correct names.

Weird thing is: the -master part is often used when using github but then it’s an archive of the repository and not the archive for a blender addon (just using the same archive format … zip)…

Anyway: Glad it helped…

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