Problems Instantiating Groups


I would like to instantiate a group of objects that have rigid body physics joints. In the normal Blender interface I can see how to instantiate a group from a hidden layer with shift-A. However, the RBP joints don’t work when I press play. The second problem I have is that I can’t see how to instantiate the group in-game. Until now I have been instantiating an object by attaching an edit object actuator to a a spawner empty and then doing something like:

spawner = cont.actuators["mySpawner"]

This works for a ‘normal’ object that I can reference in the Actuator. However, I can’t reference the Group.

So I have a three-part question:

  1. Can I spawn a group of objects in-game?
  2. Assuming I can spawn a group in-game, should the RBP joints work?
  3. How do I actually instantiate the group because my usual method doesn’t let me reference the group?

Many thanks!