Problems rendering current frame

OK. I can’t figure out how I got here. I have a mesh upon which I have been working, and when I attempt to use the F12 key to render the current frame, instead of seeing the view from the only camera defined, somehow I am rendering a very small part of the mesh in quite a close up view, and not in the apparent principal axis of the camera view.

I’m sure I pressed some combination of keys to achieve this result, but cannot figure out what keys I pressed, and cannot figure out how to restore the render to its default mode. I have tried deleting the camera, and creating a new one, but this has no effect. The image of the completed tank is what I expect to see; the bar at the top of the other image is what I get. [Note: the completed tank is a render of an earlier version than the other image]

I’ve looked at all of the render and camera settings I can think of, and cannot see any thing obvious. Any help would be appreciated.



Pressing Ctrl+NUM 0 turns the active object into a camera. Repeating this with your camera selected might restore it.

/ Mats

Thank you, Mats. It DID restore it.