Problems rendering two different Clouds together

About the Cloud Generator and volumetric materials, how to set up different kinds of clouds together and not having these strange things happening with the domain bounding boxes when rendering? I tried in a lot of different ways, but nothing worked. I guess it has to do with the technics of rendering volumetric and point clouds I don’t know.

My scene at frame 101 (two cloud systems - 3 crosses and a hill):

The same frame 101 rendered:

The following image I tried to get from a single render, but due to this problem, I rendered each cloud once and then I mixed them in photoshop in post:

But now I’m going to make a video without rendering it 4 times
How to solve this problem?

Afaik, you can’t have overlapping domains.

Easiest way to solve this problem is to use compositing. Render the background and each one of the three crosses, then the hill, using five different blend-files (or scenes?), creating MultiLayer OpenEXR files. Now, composite the three together.

Uh huh, it’s gonna feel like you’re doing a lot of “extra” work but then you’ll see that you’re really not. You’ve broken the problem down into five different sub-problems each one of which can be solved individually. You now can take those and combine them any way you like … and you’re not “re-rendering” when you do so. You can tweak the final comp nodes a little bit, push Render, and fwoop! … in two seconds flat, “there it is.” In fact, most of the “creative decision-making” about exactly how the shot will finally appear can be made, inexpensively, in that final step.

And it could be done with multiple layers instead of scenes or .blend files?

What about doing the same with different layers instead of scenes and .blend files?