problems rendering

i tried to render the basic cube at startup just to test and with blender rendering it freezes after the render is complete and the black box doesnt go away and the computer ceases to funtion at all.

when i render with yafray with any thing other than BW and 5 anti-aliasing on targa format the same affect as above is achieved

i used an earlier blender with yafray and render many animation and never had a problem at all? i need help PLEASE!!!

thanks ahead of time

Hmm… sounds like you need to re-install Blender, and YafRay if needed.

If that doesn’t work, then you may need to clean-up or reinstall Windows (I assume you are using Windows)

thanks ill try re-installing blender i havent got my xp disc or would have already done that but i did run registry mechanic today and got rid of somthing like 600 problems tho and i keep up on defrag and regular maintenance