problems rigging a twelik need help

having issues putting bones in the leku (head tails) to be able to pose them (of course duh) every way i try i get the bone heat map unable to apply to one or more bones error message.

im using a makehuman base. i have tried to extruding the bones into the leku, ive also tried parting by selecction and parenting to the model. with its own individual rig. any thoughts? help?

Also I have I grouped it too with no luck

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even thought about making it a soft body sim and animating the headsothe tails wont clip into the shoulders as she turns
and course ididsomething andnowthings horribly messed up so icant get a pic ofit merging into her shoulders

Did you make your soft body like this tutorial?

warning SLIGHT nudity

havent ACCTUALLY tried it yet. do you think it wouldwork?
i first have to fix this

any quicktips to fix this? the neck is easy part. but as soon as itab into edit it goesbackto normal.

also i just watched a lattice tut you think i could use a latice JUST on the leku to solve this? would that cause problems being connected to something with an armature? since i cant actually part the leku fromthe head?


is it possible to vary the properties of the softbody phisics from one part of the model to another?

As to fixing your current problem, this is why one should save their files with incremental file names - character.1, character.2, character.3, etc… This way, when making drastic changes, you can always back up to a previous copy. Additionally, if you have a file named ‘file.blend’ and you make changes to it and re-save it, blender will take the previous file, and rename it to ‘file.blend1’. Blender does this automatically and always renames the last 2 files as ‘file.blend1’ and ‘file.blend2’. So if you choose to open a file in blender, select the directory containing the file, then at the top of the file browser, there are a series of icons, look for the one that look like a funnel, that is the filtering icon. Clicking on it and you will now be able to see these .blend1 files and can open them, allowing you to back track.

Now, as to your original problem, the bone weighting fail, rather than look for other ways to do this, why not look at why it failed. Auto bone weighting will fail if there are double vertices or if you have parts of the mesh that overlap other parts of the mesh. Like a hose for example, you’d have faces making up the inside of the hose, and faces making up the outside of the hose. Blender would never be able to auto weight something like this. For something like this, or you problem, you could just manually weight it using weight painting.


yeah i thought of the manual weight painting too but i forgot to mention it. when i tried that the whole model was the dark blue and when i clicked add for the brush it wouldnt do anything. strength all the way up and everything. i really do appreciate your input :slight_smile:

Humm, your screen picture is showing two Armature modifier in modifier list. That is a no no. There should be only one Armature modifier on the model.

You need to delete both Armature modifier. Delete all vertex group. Clear parent. Redo the whole Automatic weighing process before doing any Weigh Paint.

0/322,00 vertices…I’d rather stick a spoon in my eye then weight paint that mesh…

If you want to learn rigging and skinning, start with a simple mesh. The subdivision modifier is your friend.

Good Luck!

ive rigged quite a few things and this is barely in the begginins. just having a hard time with the leku. havent finished the subdividing as i do most of this work on my laptop

Sorry. I was trying to make a joke. But seriously, lower your poly count. You have over 300,000 vertices. My typical vertex count is 5,000 - 10,000. (Body mesh only. Not including hair, eyes, tongue, teeth, etc.)

I mentioned the subdivision modifier because it will help you get a high poly look, without the hi poly count. Don’t apply the modifier! Use lower levels (or none) for a faster viewport speed and higher levels for rendering.

Honestly trying to help and save you some frustration. As it is now, you model has three hundred times the faces that mine typically do. Weight painting will be a nightmare.

Good luck!

There is teeth eyes on that and that number may be including the rooms not displayed in those images. Won’t higher poly help when I’m trying to do the skin pore and what not. Photo realism. That poly count is how it was shipped from makehuman. How can you reduce the poly

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I have not used makehuman, but I would bet that there are lower poly models or options to choose when creating the model.

As to your original problem, take a look at some of the Rigify examples. Specifically, the pitchipoy simple tentacle rig may be what you are looking for.

awesome thanks
i seem to have something that may work great using latices

Select all the EDGES, then do a Checker Deselect, then Delete Edge Loops. That is my way of getting the poly count down.

This may or may not help, have you thought of a lower poly count and then a Sub-Div Modifier?


I cannot find anything in MakeHuman to reduce the poly count, but it produces a lot less pollens than this model appears to be. I am an expert in MakeHuman, as I have used it once and added a Rigify armature - all on my own. :smiley:

Cheers, Clock.

ok so i have a question for you guys. ive been following blender cookies modeling a realistic head series and he’s applying a pore brush as a clay modifier. just cant get it to work like his. figured out how to import them but the result when applied is not what iwould call a pore. very disfiguring. ithought the answer wouldbe thehigher poly count

I would suggest decimate modifier with unsubdivide selected here, as it looks very mush like over applied subdivision.


you can use the multires modifier to increase the mesh resolution just for sculpting, and then bake the fine surface details that you create down to a normal map. In general, details like this don’t need to be modelled unless they effect the silhouette of the model.

im unfamiliar with this idea ofbaking that withthe multi resmodifier