Problems scaling Flex Rig after linking

Hey everybody Ive been running into a problem of trying to scale my flex rig as close to my background mesh that I created for her. With the snapshot, you can see how off it is when I linked it over. I did link over low/high res proxy, and the text ui. Im not sure what the correct steps are to scale to other objects once you link your flex rig. I did see this cg community Apply “ctrl+a” for scaling. Or

Would I append my scene that I created over to my flex rig? Really confused. Thanks.


So I did a quick render to give anybody ideas of what Im talking about. My goal is to have the creek animating while she is sitting in different positions while a song is playing. I already downloaded the song, VSE. When I linked it from flex rig to my other scene I could not scale. Now I append my scene into flex rig and got this, still confused.


I’m not sure you can scale that rig. I tried the other day and didn’t get very far. The rig is based on Nathan Vegdahl’s rigify rig and once it’s parented to a character, I think it would be far less work to just start over.

It would be easier to scale down your landscape to fit the character.

Hey rontarrant I wanted to let you know that your idea is working so far. I scaled my creek bed to 1.5 see how that is working. I plan on animating the camera with a Follow Path constraint. Thanks. Man I was banging my head over this problem.

You’re very welcome. While learning Blender (as well as other software), I’ve banged my head on desks, walls, and even my monitor screen. The concepts are aren’t always based on the real world, but with a certain amount of perseverance, you’ll get there. Just take things one at a time and concentrate on that one thing until you can do it in your sleep.

But if ever you put Blender aside, don’t do so for long. I just took Blender up again about 1 1/2 months ago after not using it for a couple of years and found myself having to learn things all over again from scratch. Keep practicing everything you learn, maybe not daily, but at least weekly.

And take lots of notes… and do screenshots of important stuff… and keep a list of links to the tutorial videos you found most helpful in case you need reminding of anything.