Problems selecting bones to animate. HELP!!!!!

Hi there blenderheads,
I’m really into working with an armature from a mesh, but I’ve got one problem. When I select a bone and set a pose, this is going to happen, no problem. But doing this after the third or fourth time, my blender quits totally. I select a bone, but immediatly I get a the standard windows screen, that says that there’s a problem, the application quits and you can send an email (every windows user knows that problem). What is the problem that I can’t get further with animating? Is it my computer? It can be that my memory is not enough (256 mb) or graphic card (standard on motherboard).
Please help me. I really really really want to animate, FINALLY!
a desperate

Erm… you need to post more information … or the blend file … what does the dos window say before you crash ?

This is the screen I get when I select, or try to select a bone.
This is the standar WINDOWS error screen (in dutch). This comes immediatly after I select a bone or try to select a bone for the third or fourth time. I’m using windows as you can see and as I said I have 256 mb of memory and an onboard graphic card.
I have this problem with every blender version I’ve ever used (since 2.40 or 2.41). So I guess this must be a computer error…but what is the problem then?

If you click the “Klikt Hier” and study the error report you may find the problem. If not, copy and paste it here. Usually this kind of thing happens when you do something that the code is not designed to anticipate so it’s difficult to guess.