problems smoothing

whats up to everybody!? ok heres a sigil i modeled on about half an hour. tried to put a smooth on it and heres how it turns out:

now if i add a subsurf it turns out like this:

can anyone tell me how to keep the original geometry yet make it smooth? i would apprecitae any criticism/feedback.


Use autosmooth on the unsubsurfed mesh to get better results. If you want to subsurf that model it looks like you’ll have to remodel it - you seem to have a lot of triangles, some of which are very long, and I think they are distorting the subsurf.

I suggest that you post a wire picture of your model so some of us can see more clearly what is wrong.

And have you tried ctrl-n in edit-mode with the sigil selected? that make all of the normal face the right side. Dunno if this would fix but it was a issue for me when I started and tried smoothing myself.

are the round bits actually round? If bits are just square(ish), then smoothing will just give weird results. Try set smooth’ing a cube and you’ll see it’s messed up.