problems texturing a coffee cup *gg

hio - well, i’m new to texturing, always only modeled. now i want to texture a coffee-cup but i cant really unwrap it like i think it should. i set seams etc but unwraps are unusable for me - look at picture uv-problem.jpg, possibly you can help me.

all i want is an unwrapped grid in rectangular form so mesh fits texture

thank you very much and yes, it’s surely newbie-stuff

sincerely, Pixel81k


Try aligning the 4 corners and pinning them with the P key then unwraping again.

don’t know what i’m doing wrong - even if i rotate the pinned points, same behaviour but crossing…


What kind of unwrap did you use?

I couldn’t do much with the top that helped, but the inside and out I used cylinder from top view, worked alright.

@Naive Amoeba: i used almost any unwraps available - i’ve seen somthing called LSCM in tutorials, but it doesn’t appear in my menu.

i tried out also the hard way - in/outside i’ve been able easily, like Hazard already posted, top i unwrapped from side with cylindrical unwrap and then moved scaled rotated vertices until anything “looked” ok - but then i became a cutted texture.

other idea was to use more seams but i always become some round-shaped uv-meshes (half the trouble but enough to get lost…)

so there’s no usable way to place a rectangular texture circleshaped?

in my mind i see it clearly :wink:

greetings and thanks @ all for your answers


PS: hope, anything is understandable - english isn’t my mothertongue

Probably your best bet is to pin the corner points, and move them into as good a location as you can, then start pinning more points, and move them into position in iteration until you’ve got an acceptable shape. The Align tool helps here.


I really tried to get my problems solved without making a new post, and i searched the internet and the forum, but I couldn’t find any answer.

I do not really understand why blender doesn’t just unwrap all my faces plane side by sideon a “new surface” the UV map? that would be what I expect.

I tried unwrap a real simple cube - it worked as expected - I got a nice net which I could cut out on a piece of paper and clue it together.

Then I used the bevel 2 script on the same cube. Expecting the same result, just with some smal thin faces between the bigger once -
But instead I got an unusable crowd of faces in the UV map with “triangles” where almost all faces had one corner where 2 points where put on each other, so you see a triangle.

I also do not see the LSCM as posted above (which I guess belongs to an wrong or not installed python?)

I would really like to understand my troubles :o
and further understand blender :wink:


well nice - seems that Pixel switched into the wrong thread - this one’s from me ( pixel81k ) :wink:

no problem, just don’t want that this becomes a chaos-thread…

@broken: already tried this out - so the only solution seems to be to do it all by hand :cool: #darn#

and i think i will try it with a 1-row-ring…

if i success i will post the solution!

thanks to all - pixel81k over and out -

ok - i did success - i gave up unwrapping the thing - so i reduced the “to-unwrap” to the uppermost ring and used archimap tool to become a nice circleshaped uv-mesh - then i used the gimp to bring the x-band in circle-form and aligned it in uv-editor.

well - do we hope that such things will be possible one time…

have fun - ah, and here a little render.

best regards, Pixel81k