problems to add texture to wall with already a window in it..

Hello there,

I was following one of Andrew price his tutorials about adding realistic textures.
I’ve one question, because i was creating a room with a large window. After that i wanted to give the wall a texture.
But when i’m adding the modifiers (for the displacement map) , the gap for the window is all bumpy and round?
Is there a solution for this, or am i doing something wrong?

I hope you guys can help me! Can’t seem to find the solution…

This is the tutorial:

I was at this point: 22:18 minutes in the video :confused:

If you want the displace modifier to affect only part of the mesh, add those vertices to a vertex group and select that vertex group in the displace modifier settings. You could also look at changing the displace direction (in modifier settings)

hello Richard,

Thank you for your fast reply.
I forgot to mention the subdivision surface modifier you had to put on top of the displace modifier.
Your solution didn’t solve the problem unfortunately, but when i set the Simple button on and not the Catmull-Clark button on the subdivision it worked! Now the window and the wall were not round anymore but had the texture from the displacement map.

I don’t know why, i have to learn more about the modifiers and nodes…
Thank you for your effort!