Problems tumbling an animated characer? Please help.

Hi all,

I write this because I’m having some troubles with a character animation. I have a rigified character and I have made him to make a bakward flip on the air, the problem is that when it finishes I need to finish the animation in the same position than the first frame but when I copy in dopesheet the first to the last some bones get 180 ° interpolation to return to the initial pose. Torso rotates 360°. What can I do?

I animated the figure without touching the root bone; is the solution to always animate such movements first in object mode rotating the rig object and then tweak in pose mode?

Thanks in advance.

Salvador Ureña

Interpolation takes the shortest route. Are you using only one keyframe in between first and last poses? That would cause a problem like this.

Whatever the torso rotation key is in the final frame, can’t you just add 360 to it to stop it rotating? The net effect should still be that the character is standing in the same position he started in.

Personally, I would have animated the root bone for the full body rotation in the backflip and used the other bones for fine tuning the action. I don’t know if that’s right or not.

No, between is the tumble animation of 360°

Thanks for answer.

Salvador Ureña

Is there any way to sum 360° to a quaternion?

Salvador Ureña

I’m sorry tapatalk does not update the posts really well, i think I will redo the anim using the root bone. Thanks!!!

Salvador Ureña