Problems Upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10

Hi all,
I have Ubuntu 7.04 installed on my computer, and have been trying to upgrade to 7.10 for a few weeks now, through the update manager. However, when I click update, it says that it failed to update because it couldn’t access, and complains about the network connection. I do have a few UbuntuStudio packages installed (for the theme), so I think that it’s reasonable to look for those packages. My network connection is fine, judging by the fact that I have no internet problems, and can even receive the normal system updates. I have restarted, tried both LAN and wireless internet connections, and I’m out of ideas. Does anybody have any suggestions short of just downloading a new CD, coping my files, and starting over? Thanks.

Disable the repositories for Ubuntustudio and other 3rd party apps before doing the update.

system/administration/software sources


Wow, it seems to work now!! Thanks so much!