Problems Upgrading Ubuntu 6.06LTS

I’m having problems upgrading 6.06LTS to 7.10.

Or I might have 7.10 and am upgrading to 8.04.

How do you tell which version you have?

EDIT: Here’s another screenshot of a synaptic package error:


You know the latest is BETA of Ubuntu 8.10! You’re 2 years behind believe it or not. :eek:

Like I said, I might have version 7.04, but either way you slice it I’m behind. :smiley:

EDIT: It looks like a problem with Ubuntu Studio.

Is there any way to unistall ubuntu studio?

I installed ubuntu from a disc and downloaded ubuntu studio stuff. Maybe I just need to disable the ubuntu studio repositories, because it looks like they’re defunct.


cat /etc/issue
it will tell you which version you have

(There is a space between ‘cat’ and ‘/’, not sure if it is obvious)

Other possibles are

lsb_release -a


cat /etc/lsb-release

Well now I know how to figure out what version I have. Thanks.

But I’m still wondering what those errors are about.

One down, one to go…



Did you check your sources.list to see if you have incompatible repositories enabled?
Ubuntu-studio is a distro in its own right, so if you have ubuntu-studio and ubuntu, I guess it can’t upgrade you to both.

Which install do you have anyway?

Here we go, this could be the problem here:-

ATTENTION: These Instructions are now out of date, and do not work. They Have been left here for Archival Purposes. Please usethis guide

I think archive.ubuntustudio is indeed no longer available.

Not yet, good idea. That’s probably the case, since I probably enabled the ubuntu-studio repositories.

Which install do you have anyway?

I installed an Ubuntu 6.06LTS live cd, and then downloaded the Ubuntu-Studio stuff later on.

Thanks for the info.

I’ll check it out later. :slight_smile:

Seems like it would be easier for you to just do a fresh install and I highly recommend the new Beta. It has some very useful new features. If that is not an option then yes I think it is ubuntustudio that is causing the problem and I have no experience in it so I wouldn’t be much help.