problems using camera to track a beam

hello, as is to me, i am new to blender and not quite fimiliar with it. I really come across a lot of problems.
I am now wiriting a small game to control a beam to move and rotate.But when it rotates, i find the camera doesn’t rotate. Which you can see in the picture below.
This is how i use the camera to track the object:

and this is what the object looks like when it rotates.

I also tried to use the method on the turtoial. First select the camera then the object, then ctrl+p. But also not work. Can someone help me? thank you very much!

The camera actuator makes the object it is attached to following the Camera object. It does not rotate with the object. To achive that simply parent the camera to the object.

Sure it does. Except it seems to only work well when the axis is set to +Y or -Y.

See the attached blend. Use the left and right arrows to rotate the sphere. Note the damped motion.

(if you edit the Camera Actuator to -X or +X you will see the rotation is totally screwy).

CameraActuatorTest2.blend (538 KB)