Problems using diff

I am trying to use the diff feature between two objects to generate a hole, but for some reason every time I select diff (after both objects selected and then W->diff) Blender immediately exits.

I have one object that is a key used for winding up a robot or a toy, and I am trying to use a tube going through the end of the key to generate a hole in the handle of the key. It’s not working though.

Am I missing something on how to use diff?


The feature is fairly spotty, at best. It’ll also booger all your faces if that makes a difference.

Perhaps if you shift one of the objects ever so slightly it will work.

The other alternative is just to dig your own hole. (pun intended :stuck_out_tongue: ) It’s usually just as easy and you get better results, IMHO.

Hope this helps.

try a CVS version of blender with the new booleans, or try the pybool script to make much better booleans.