Problems using rigify !

Hello! :slight_smile:

I am a newbie here and I am new using Blender. I want to become familiar with Blender because I’ve read that it offers easy ways to rig and offers better results as I’ve also read is good for many other things. So I’ve decided to rig a character with it that I’ve modelled before using another software. And now I am having some problems. I hope you can offer me good solutions. So my main problem, arises when using rigify the generated rig is considerable smaller than the template one, I hope anyone knows the answer. Then another thing, is that I’d like to zoom close to the object directly by pressing just one key, and I’d like to be able to use something like the snap tool, for example to snap the orientation of certain objects to the orientation of another object in the scene. Thanks!

Please please please please help !!! At list me give me an idea why when i use rigiffy the generated rig is smaller than the template one. Why that happens?

here a print screen

Just make a guess. Before you map the rig to your model, you have to align both of them on the center x,y,z location. Ctrl-A to apply the location as 0,0,0. Don’t scale either your mesh model or the rig otherwise you will meet strange results.

ah! that is what it may have happened. Perhaps I did scale it, thank you! so now do I need to start again?, is there anything I can do to save all the work?

remember to delete all generated rigs, vertex group(object mode -> select the mesh -> object data on the right panel), and a modifier (object mode -> select the mesh -> spanner on the right panel) on the model.

you may try select the rig in object mode,
Ctrl-A to reset it as rest pose,
and then generate again.
I am not sure if it works or not.