Problems using V-Ray exporter

Hey everyone,

I’m having a problem getting the exported to execute. Attached is a screenshot of my error console. As far as I can tell everything is being detected correctly, it just hangs up at “preparing renderer”. Any ideas would be much appreciated, especially after dropping a decent chunk of change on the renderer.


Are you rendering a sequence with no output directory? Or pre-rendering lightmaps with an output directory set for the final rendered image?

Can you post the render settings?

No problem, thanks for having a look

Are you rendering images or lightmaps? I’m assuming Irradiance Map + Light Cache ?

Images. The scene is currently just the default setup, with the point lamp replaced with an emissive sphere, saved to a new .blend.

Hmmm. As far as I can tell it renders ok here (Ubuntu 11.04). Can you upload the file anyway?

I can’t think of any reasons for it not to render, it just seems like Blender isn’t starting VRay for whatever reason.

Yeah, it just renders. The only difference in console output is that I don’t have the QApplication Warning. Don’t know what that is either.

I’m out of ideas, sorry. You could try the V-Ray/Blender forum, though it is pretty quiet there usually and you might not get a reply for a couple of days.

Here is one I made, in case it helps. Render settings are all default, I just turned on GI.

Yeah, still nothing. I’m at a loss here, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled VRay a couple of times now, and in different places, all with the same effect. I’m stumped.

Figured it out, I had a bad CGAuth.dll file.