Problems using world background image texture

I’m trying to setup a image as world background but i’m facing two major problems:

_I need to rotate the image. Theres an option called rotate in the texture properties but doesnt work.

_Libload seems to ignore the world background set in another blend files.

rotate the uv’s to rotate the image

libload loads scenes into the scene where it is called from, so you need to libload it from the background scene, then libload must be done before scripts can alter something.

i always make 1 .blend that is my main blend, all over/underlays are in it, this .blend then libload a levels.blend, and those level blends libload assets into it.

uv to change world background? Is it possible?

I do the same. The assets load correctly but the world background doesn’t

The World texture option doesn’t work in the BGE.
Use the background scene actuator for the sky instead, & link the player’s game camera rotation to a camera in the background scene (rotation)

Is it possible to link players game camera to another scene/file? I have 1 main file, 1 for characters and 1 for levels where is set the world background texture. Runing a single blend file the world texture works on upbge.

1 main file (all over/underlay scenes in it, the player as well)
let this .blend load the level .blend.
let the level.blend load assets.blend

so if you did the same as me then there is absolutely no need to create strange things, background scene would also directly work.

For player camera and background camera… copy the orientation from player cam to the background scene cam.


No not that i know i thought you where using an sphere with a texture on it in the background scene what i do with the stars here:

Yes, but that would require a local-networking script.

For Example (Click the link)