Problems UV unwrapping a ring


I created a ring using two bezier circles (then used the 2nd one as bevel for the 1st one). I converted the object to a mesh and then created seams.

The unwrapping result to me is quite unpleasing. I expected something symmetrical, since the object and the seams are symmetrical. In the UV editor, I could use Align X/Y in order to get a nice unwrap, but for this I have to select all “lines” and “columns” of my unwrapped mesh and then apply “Align” individually.

Is there an automatic way to obtain a nice unwrap. In order to reproduce this, create two bezier rings, use one as bevel for the other, convert to mesh and set the seams as shown in the following screenshot.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Blender 2.64a


Try this way, but this is full automatic without marking seams

try this way, but you can;t control uw’s by seams[ATTACH=CONFIG]209909[/ATTACH]

Well, I think you went about creating the ring all wrong. Thats way to dense of a mesh for a simple ring.
Anyway hit 1 on your number pad and go into front view. Then hit 5 to go into orthographic view. Then hit U>cylinder projection.
You can refine the method a bit bu just selecting the outside faces or just the inside and unwrap them seperately

Also you can try the way you do, but press F6 and choose Method > Angle Based.