Problems viewing models in textured view

Hi there.

I have just about finished making a model of a water tower. How ever when I put blender into textured view a load of faces on the model seem to disappear. (see pic below)

If you know the reason for this do please tell. Also if you want to look at the file yourself I have hosted it at the location below. (it’s only 174kb);9094605;/fileinfo.html


Maybe normals? Try to recalculate them (in edit mode).

How do I do this?

Search the “Mesh” menu in 3d window header, there is an entry about normals.

In edit mode, select all verts, then press ctrl n - then select recalculate outside.

Hmm that didn’t fix it, I tryed recalculating both the indide and out. Infact it seems to have fucked up more… now I can’t view textured mode in edit and when I switch to object and go into textured mode the problem persists…

why not try downloading my model and seeing if it’s the same for you?.. because I sure as fuck to have clue what’s wrong…


2 things - textured mode is to see uv mapped images. Nothing on the model has been uv mapped. It is definitely a normals problem. I tabbed into edit mode, used ctrl tab to switch edit mode to verts, a to select all, then pressed ctrl n to re-calculate outside. Now, in textured mode, you will see that everything is very white, which is what you would expect with normals calculated outside and no uv mapped image.

On another note, you can compress blender files automatically in the file menu. File…compress, then file…save.

Fixed normals blend file

Is seeing textured objects white something that I should always get? Because I never have done.

Yes, like I said, textured view is only for objects/meshes that have been uv mapped. See the article below.

Here is another blend file that has an image uv mapped to the top surfaces of the water tower. See how it looks in textured mode.

UV Mapping:

I am aware of this, it’s just that I have recently begun learning to UV map and found that when I unwraped the model the same faces were missing from the unwrap. Oh and cheers for those pages I had a good look through them.


When normals are not facing the correct way, it will look as though the surface is invisible in UV face select mode. You can still select it, and map it, but it will not show correctly in textured mode. There is a button in the mesh tools 1 panel “Draw Normals”, and box above it to set the length of the normal. When this button is on, you will be able to see the direction of the normal. Usually, ctrl n re-calculate outside takes care of the problem, but occasionally, you will need to select individual faces and use w flip normals.

Yeah, when recalculating normals, like OBI_Ron said, make sure you have some verts selected first (in most cases you’ll want to select all). THEN do a Ctrl+N. I know I’ve forgotten this step on a couple occasions.

his tiles are up side down he can ether flip them or make them two sided i will upload the two sided version of it ( to lazy to flip them) you can get it here (fliping faces- select face go to mesh->Normals->flip
or W,0 as hot key)
(if needed ill will do double sided explanation later)
pm me when you downloaded it so i can remove the download

also remove doubles on it ( select all faces in edit mode then press W and select remove doubles it will help)

and to others when explain something explain it simply and do it your self first if you can or other wise you will confuse the person if he doesn’t know what your talking about

p.s. nice tower