Problems visible vertices a video mask

I’m new to the composition in blender 2.6, and now I have a video with corresponding tracking tracks, and a set-up (approximately, this is just a test) on a video window. The boy originally reacts to something behind him, and part of his body should “cover” the area of the plane made ​​in blender. In short, I want the boy to mask partially covering the plane.

After many experiments, of which I have learned “something” the composer of nodes (and that I continue to learn), I thought I found the solution to masking. My last problem is these vertices that appear on the map:

See those vertices near the cursor??? I’ve been thinking about it for two days and also internet browsing for some suggestions. Yes, I’m still very noob to the composer of nodes and some other things, but here I attached the blend (this file is not the same, as I had weird problems to package the file, I hope this will serve:

ExampleMaskNoob.blend (972 KB)

If the images in the video sequence does not appear in the file, at least you can see that the corners are still very visible doing a render. The HD video is not full HD, but what interests me is to eliminate these heinous only vertices of sight.

Because, if possible, might I eliminate visually render those vertices???


(Note: If my English is weird, it’s because I do not speak English, I’m Chilean, sorry)

Why are you adding the mask and the rear element alpha together? I think that the blur is giving you the straight edges across the foreground boy.

Why not key the plane on top, then use the mask to add another version of the boy on top of that?

Also I suggest making the mask from several shapes, like a neck/shoulders/head so that you don’t have crawling verts that can be hard to manage as the organic shape of the boy changes over time.

hmmmmm, right. Is that I relied on others to do similar work and composition. I’ll see how to place separately, and then answer the result later. Thank you.

I deserve I hanged, burned alive, do not know, anything, was a small slip of the bond the alpha mask. Just cut the union of “Render Layer” to “Add”, and that was it, SIMPLE SOLUTION!!!

I do not think it worthwhile to upload a screenshot. On the suggestion to create individual masks for each part of an organic body, that had crossed my mind. That video was the sole intention of separating “minimally” masked, not as sophisticated masking levels.

Thank you very much and sorry for my stupid “slip” with the composer of nodes.

Chao. (Bye-bye)