problems walking in game

I made a character and rigged it, i animated it with a walk cycle but can’t get it to work in the game. Also, if anyone has any tips for a rookie game designer, it would be very helpful.

Hi and welcome to elysiun :smiley: .

Ok, first thing is if you’re using 2.40, armatures currently will not work in the game engine because of the current recoding in the armature system for 2.4. If you’re using a previous version, then you need to connect some logic bricks to it.

Have a look at this GE document for info on the logic bricks used in blender.

:wink: Hmm… dunno if I’m in the position of giving advice, but… When making a game, plan every last thing out. It’ll save you a lot of trouble later on. Because halfway in or maybe not even you decide to add a new feature and then you have to go back and change everything just to fit it in. Always remember, making a game takes time and patience, have the perseverance to follow through on your idea.

Jason Lin