Problems when updating from 2.78 to 2.79

Hi, running win 8.1pro

I was on 2.78 and was advise to update to 2.79.

-First issue 2.79 install deleted the 2.78 pined toolbar shortcut. Get a NO symbol when drag 2.79 desktop short cut to toolbar. When 2.79 is open it’s says the shortcut is all ready pined, but when 2.79 is closed there’s no blender shortcut.

-Next, User Prefs will not stay visible. keeps blanking, no UI.

-Next, can’t make a new project. File/New/ I get “Open startup file” or is that normal?

That’s it for know, thanks, mick

oh well, I guess no one had anything to contribute. Sad I was really hoping the Blender community would help me.