problems when uv texturing in publisher 2.25

(sara) #1

i press F, load a texture and then press U,cube 1.00
but publisher doesnt tile the texture. i just get wrong uv mapping. in blender 2.23 it works though.

is this a bug?

(z3r0 d) #2

Maybe you need to press the tile button in the face buttons for the faces you are having problems with?

I don’t know, but it is my best guess. I don’t have 2.23 here (nor do I have any texutes to play with) to try.

(sara) #3

that´s not what i mean. try cube mapping 1.0 and them change it to 0.50 or something else.
i get strange mapping. in blender 2.23 it works though.

(Eric) #4

Yeah, and the sphere option is
gone too.Strange, and the docs doesn’t say anything 'bout it.

(sara) #5

so it is a bug then…
what do you say saluk?

(saluk) #6

Yeah, looks like a bug. I just noticed the sphere option was gone the other day. I don’t think they would purposely remove the sphere mapping and screw up cube mapping…

Would they?

I usually use from window myself, but I do like a bit of cube mapping for skyboxes and such. Just do your uv mapping in 2.23 I guess, then pop it over into 2.25.