Problems while exporting to DirectX Mesh

Hi All,

I have been having a few problems while exporting my models to the DirectX (.X) format. The orientation is messed up, the textures and materials are messed up, the animation is too fast and some other problems.

I wanted to know if the problem was the script or the way I had made the scenes in blender. But I can see that I cannot upload the blender files I made with my post for people to verify. I am a beginner at Blender and my scenes are very very simple (made from the tutorials).

Can anyone help me out here ?



do a bugreport and include a blend file.

cambo, thanks for that input.

But the author of the script got in touch with me and I sent the files to him. It seems that the export script that I was using has a few bugs. He says that he has a new script that is in Beta and will let me know as soon as it gets released.

But if people still interested in checking the bugs, I would be glad to file a bug report and upload the files.