Problems whit mirroring animations or poses

Hi guys, I am Claudio, I really need help about mirroring animations or poses, my flipped poses looking wired, I think is something whit bones axis but I don’t know how to fix it, maybe I must change the WXYZ axis… I don’t no, I saw a thread like this but it doesn’t help, maybe I can show some images of my problem…

Ok !

The issue is that bones aren’t named correctly. Blender can’t understand what bone is on the left or right side.
So he flip them like with the spine bones.

Use mano_L or mano.L for Left hand , Mano_R or Mano.R for right hand. That should work.
If it doesn’t that may be related to roll bones being different in Left and Right side, it then goes down to how you’ve done the symmetry. But let’s not be pessimistic , with correct naming convention it should be ok !

BTW your character looks fun !