Problems with a bad green screen ilumination

Hi all! I’m getting a lot of problems working with this scene, in the first place the guys how shot this didn’t know about the importance of getting a proper light to the green screen, so it’s difficult to work with it. Here is a screen shot:

as you can see the green screen its BAAAAAAD. After doing some experiments I achieve to make it like this:

but I still have some issues, I put them in red circles. I’ve trying to correct them with masks but it didn’t work.

This is my node set up:

Please help :)!

It’s still a pretty high contrast image so you should get a reasonable key from it. However the noise in the shadows will still be poor.

I would urge you to use the new keyer node created for Tears of Steel. It handles edges really well. Also you could use a color ramp instead of a single color to get the range of green. And don’t forget that a dilate erode node can act as a last resort to clean that edge up.

Read about the Keyer node here:

Hi 3pointEdit, I’m going to search more in detail about that new node you are saying! The color ramp tip it´s a really good idea! thanks for the support.

test key.blend (646 KB)

Here is a quick example of the keyer node using a couple ramps for the back and the front windows. I used a mask to add them together. I had difficulty with the key edge as I only had a 300 pixel screen grab from your upload.

I wish you all the success with the effects.

Thank you 3pointEdit!, that example was super useful:), I ended using the keying node that you told me also the edge problem was solved with the keying node. Now its time to render it! Thanks again!