Problems with a foot rig

Hello, I am trying to build the rig found in “Introducing Character Animation with Blender” but am running into some problems. The rig is based off of the Ludwig rig by Jason Pierce, in case you don’t have the book. I am trying to rig the foot so that rotating the heel.L/.R bones will rotate the bones on the bottom of the foot (ball.L/.R, Toe.L/.R, and toeDeform.L/.R, plus any other bones that should be moved in the walk cycle) in a straight line, as shown in the book. When I rotate the heel bone, only the toe bones rotates and the ball bone stays in its place. I can achieve this effect by physically moving the ball bone, but according to the book, I should only have to rotate the heel bone. Does anyone know how my rig is bad? Or should I just manually move the ball bone? I am a noob when it comes to character rigging, but I would like to learn how it all works. My model can be found at

Thanks for your help,

Daniel Baker

To simplify my explanation I’ll just use the left side. It looks like you just need to add a copy rotation constraint to the ball.L bone so that it will follow the rotation of the Ball_Heel_rotation.L bone. I think theres a little more to it than that though. I don’t have my book and dvd here at work, but I would suggest going over the parenting and constraints once more, that is usually what will get you. An alternative would be to look at Calvin’s foot rig here:

I’m still very much in the middle of this project and changing things quite a bit all the time, but I have used a few different foot rigs for the three characters so far in this thread.

just a note to anybody who is also trying to follow the book and ran into this problem … you must parent the “ball” to the “heel.” seems obvious until you realize that the convenient armature chart a couple pages later has it listed otherwise.

This is not good when the book you are trying to learn from is poorly edited.