Problems with a large sized cloth sim... Really urgent

I’m experimenting with cloth sim, before starting to work on a complex scene…

What I need to do is to animate multiple characters covered by 1 large cloth (just like the ghosts, but under 1 cloth).

But before moving to animation, I’ve faced such problem: when I create a plane with a cloth sim, that is significantly larger, than the collision object (rigged character), after I let the cloth fall down, the character head penetrates the cloth.

No matter how I change the cloth settings, whether I increase the number of cloth quality steps, cloth collision quality or anything else, there’s no difference: character head tears the cloth…

In addition to subdividing the cloth object by really small cuts, I also added a subdivision modifier… Doesn’t work either.

When I increase the character so that in comparison to the cloth it’s not as small as before, it stops penetration, but then the cloth is not enough big to cover even the character fully…

Any kind of help is appreciated. Below are the screenshots of the process… I can upload the blender file if you think it’ll help. Thanks in advance!

That looks like you are using 2.79.
Big improvements have been made to cloth sims in 2.8*
I wouldn’t know where to start giving advice with the settings for 2.79.

Things to check:
*Make sure both objects are scaled correctly
*Collision modifier is on character
*All modifiers are ordered after cloth and collision modifiers (unless needed for effect)
*Character’s mesh is one object

Thanks for your comment. I had done everything you’ve enlisted…

  • Applied location, rotation and scale to both collision object and cloth.
  • Collision modifier is on a character
  • Modifiers are stacked in right order (1.Cloth; 2.Subdivison)
  • Character consists of 1 object (even if didn’t it shouldn’t be a reason… I should be able to link another object (like let’s say a weapon) to a character and the cloth should still work).
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