Problems with Action Actuator

Hello. I’m not quite sure of the problem I am having, but there definitely is one :slight_smile:

I have three blender files. The first is a stub which just loads other files. It has general script in there etc. The second is a background scene. The third is a hud with some IPO animations.

The hud has some debug bricks which add the IPO object to the scene. The IPO object has an Always linked with an Action Actuator using Loop End.

Background scene loads hud as an overlay, and stub loads background scene as an overlay.

When running with: blenderplayer backgroundscene.blend, everything works as expected.

When running with: blenderplayer stub.blend, the IPO object is added but not animated.

Are there known issues with the Action Actuator, or a scene hierarchy that I described above?

Note that a pulsing Always actuator in the IPO object works as expected in both run environments