Problems with Actions

Hello everyone,
I’ ve got a big problem with the Action Panel.
I am a newbie in Blender, I’m trying to move from 3dsmax! Anyway I would like to know the way to delete an Action!!!

I don’t know why I can’t. I mean that when I press the X button the Action get hidden but not deleted.
I really need help!
Thanks to all

(Scroll down to “delete action”)


Thanks man!
It’s very useful!


Hello I’m new to this Forum, so my first post is necessarily a question:
How can I move an Action from the Mesh-Object (can’t memorize how it got there :o) to my Armature Object?? I think I have to do this, because my NLA Actions don’t work properly (new to animation either :rolleyes:).
Pls Help!


Select the Armature Object and in the Action Editor select the Action to link it (then unlink it from the Mesh).


Thank you man, thats it! It was supposed to be so easy:eek: