Problems with add object(solved)

I used add object to get my charater mesh(layer 2) and put it in the level layer (layer 1).I hoped it wouldn´t be so hard, but I was wrong. My charater can´t rotate anymore(ipo rotation),and it can´t walk much, because the result is my charater laying down in the ground,like if it was sleeping.It stil can walk,but now it walks in it current normal,which means it will walk in the ground/roof direction.

There is other way of taking my charater at layer 2 and placing it at layer 1 without using add object?

when my charater and level are together already,eliminating the necessity of add object,all problems are solved,but the problem is which I need my charater travelling diferrent layers with diferrent phases into them.Anyone can help?

this is a bug i think. dosent sound logical atleast. I have the same bug in my project :eek:

I heard about someone talking about linking a player mesh to a diferrent scene and using python to realocate the position.

You think it could work? But the bad side is which I would not be able to use layers to store my levels,only scenes

Post a blend and I’ll see if I can fix it.

Out of curiosity, what are you using to add your character to the current scene?

the problem is which can´t upload my files anymore.I will give one more shot and see if I can upload it

I´m using a empty to handle the creation of the player(always-once>reposition python>create at current empty position the player).The first position of the empty is defined at the start of the game, the later position is defined by the last player position before switching scene.

Here is the file:

(removed link)

the password is (removed)

to run the game,press P at the currently selected scene,press test now, and walk a bit by the map to see the problem(I know the problem will be a bit funny).And sorry by the little mess in my project

Don’t know if this will work or not, but try hitting Ctrl+A to “apply scale and rotation” to the bounding box.

Well…it doesn´t worked :smiley: ,but thanks for trying to help me and NOR.J out

I´m starting to think which the game engine has a bug. And just at the most important feature of a game:

object deployment at any game level

when my charater and level are together already,eliminating the necessity of add object,all problems are solved,but the problem is which I need my charater travelling diferrent layers with diferrent phases into them.

I understand your frustration with your project however, I don’t think the layering system in Blender was intended for the purpose you wish to use it for.

To quote from the Blender Manual:

3D scenes often become exponentially more confusing with growing complexity. To get this under control, objects can be grouped into “layers,” so that only the layers you select are displayed at any one time … and are there (except for some special functions) solely to provide the modeler with a better overview.

You seem to have an excellent grasp of python and the GE so it would ease a lot of your frustration to use Scenes for your levels. You have files already set up for save/load so a script to do this automatically between scenes would be all that is necessary to store all your settings between scenes.

Of course I am ignorant of exactly why you wish to use layers the way you do and what the benefit would be. Also I am curious why you wish to add your character from a different layer.

I can only assume you wish to use layers to store multiple levels. In which case you might want to consider having the character on the main layer and adding and removing the levels using the addObject actuator instead of adding the character.



Honeycomb, good idea.

I tested this out. The character is added to the layer correctly it looks like, but when I walk to far forward the character “falls on its face”

Are you sure that all parented empties to the character are being set up correctly when you use addObject?

This looks like a great project, it runs very fast on my slow computer :slight_smile:

Hey, I haven´t thought about this possibility honeycomb. I´ll try this soon, since I´m a little short on time now.

I wanted each layer to have a level,it´s true.I basicaly wanted more organization into my project doing this.I like a clean visualization of the project :smiley: . All active objects(player,mosters and such) were intended to stay stored at layer 2 for organization. But since it don´t seem to be possible, I will put the player at the main layer as you said.

The same problem happens to my “spider robot”, it should stay in the main layer too? with a script to delete it when not necessary?

Thanks jplur, it wasn´t so dificult.My experience tell me that another important part of a game is the optimization,my game was much slower, but one optimization was enough to boost it´s speed.

Thanks for the help, I´ll keep the corrected file for some time if you still want to see the result(at the link above)

I was just playing with your game. These are the things I noticed. The character did fall over or anything. She stayed like she has before.

But the door that opens was flashing? Also, even though the shots were ot hitting the spider it died.

I also notice that if you are going forward down the stairs and hold the key down, she does float in space until you release the key.

While firing the gun, if you fire, and wait a sec and fire again, her arms fall down, but the bullet comes out anyway and you hear the shot sound.

Also after playing a while, boxes gone, spider gone, when I shoot, I see the bullets come out at her ankles and go across the ground.

I had fun, thank you. Hope that stuff helps.

It will help much :smiley: ,I´ll correct these