Problems with adding addons "Source File is in the addon search path"

I Have Blender 2.74 running on Linux Mint 17. I downloaded the Archimesh addon, extracted it, then placed it Blender add ons folder which is this: “/usr/share/blender/2…74/scripts/addons”

Once placed in that location I open up blender user preferences addons, then install from file. But Blender wont let me select that file/addon. Normally within Blender if you click on a folder/addon it would open up to reveal the files inside. But in my case when I do that, I get no response. Instead in the corner of the screen I get this message.

“Source file is in the addon search path:/usr/share/blender/2.74/scripts/addons.”

How do I fix this?

hi, you have already installed the addon manually.
you now need to activate it in user prefs addons add mesh archimesh.

It gives me the same error message. When I go to activate the addon Archimesh, it wont let me select it, to add it to the User/prefs/addons. But it works just fine if I selected another file. :spin:

You don’t need to “Install From File”. Assuming you’ve downloaded the .zip from github, extracted it and put the “archimesh” directory into the …/scripts/addons directory, as Meta-Androcto said, you now just need to activate the add-on.
“Install From File” is needed when you download a .py or a .zip and don’t copy it to Blender’s addons directory. That feature does the extracting/copying for you (into your user directory, i.e. ~/.config/blender/2.74/scripts/addons).

Im trying to get the addon csv importer for 2.5 OR2.61 as shown in a video and I get this red message

as well so I do not know why. Maybe that is ok ?
It seams it does not matter. Do we have a csv addon that works with a newer version of blender ? Or is another method being used to import points into blender 2.8+ ?

If anyone else is having this issue I found that if you’ve mistakenly moved the add-on’s zip file to the addons directory (under Blender Foundation) then Blender will see the whole zip file there and claim that you’re attempting to make a redundant installation even though the zip file is uninstalled.

When installing the zip folder has to be somewhere outside of the Blender directories.