Problems with alpha mapping?!

Alrighty folks. I have been trying to get the alpha mapping on an object to work. I’m trying to get the object to essentailly have a hole in it to see through to the object underneath. Unfortunately, it’s not working. I’ve tried every method I could find a tut or thread on, and nothing as of yet. No transperency, just a kinda milky surface where the hole should be any suggestions?

EDIT: More info
I couldn’t use the simple way of just cutting a hole in the mesh because the “hole” has to appear to fade in and the only way I’ve found to do it is through alpha/transparency mapping (unless someone has a better way?).

So I have a tga image with a nice transparent hole right in the middle of it for the “show-through” portion of the object, and I have the imaged mapped to color and alpha, and have the texture set to calc the alpha and use it <–update: that wsa wrong turned off calc alpha, much better effect. DVar is set to 1, and alpha is of course to 0. ( I so have to get a good screen cap prog, any suggestions?) Now every time I do a test render the hole seems milky opaque, you can almost make out the object beneath, ALMOST.

So I hope someone can help me out with this because I’m ready to remove what little hair is left on my scalp with a violent upthrust from a clenched fist.

EDIT: Even more info

O.k. After monkeying around some more I find that where the transparent portion should be is just being filled with the world color. MONGO CONFUSED!!!?

Sorry folks, made a noob mistake and forgot to turn on the ztrans! Got the effect I wanted but now have an entirely new problem on my hands, unrelated, sort of. Now I want to encapsulate the whole of my creation in a transparent covering, like a glass dome, when I put the dome (with ray trans settings) over the other objects, the one with the alpha map dissappears, or appears to. But here’s the weird part, I turn the ztrans on the dome, there the alpha object is there again? But the effect with the ztrans is too subtle vs ray.

Blender is fun…but it hurts the brain.

heh, sorry i missed this thread earlier, looks like you have been wrestling with the settings a bit. anyway, i am not quite sure what your second problem is, it could be complicated if you changed lots of settings, or it might be as simple as a bug in this version. anyway, i’ll see if i can duplicate the problem and get back to you. meanwhile check to see that the ‘env’ button is off, and the ‘trashad’ button is on for any materials that recieve a transparent shadow.
well, i was not able to reproduce the problem, though maybe the ior is off significantly? if you can’t fix it, post the blend, and i’ll take a look.

Thanks Modron, I figured it out.

Both objs had to be set to either ztrans or ray trans for it to render correctly (I’m sure there is a very good reason for this but it eludes me at the moment) and I had to set the transmissitivy limit to 0. I have my model up and runnin’ and that’s all that’s important for now. One major problem at a time.

EDIT: O.k. not so much…I ah, heck. Enough with the complicated stuff, check out this .blend file of a photorealistic eye I’ve been working on. Same problem as above, just less complicated conceptually. If you can tell me what I’m doing wrong there, I should w/ the limited brainpower at my disposal, be able to muddle through the other projects I’m stressin’ on.

EDIT: As of 9:30 am central above link is not working…I’ll get going again, right now this monkey needs SLEEP!

EDIT: Monkey rested. 5:45 and the link is up, and I believe the zip file is all good. Please have a look and tell me what you think. I have no clue at this point. I think I’ve tried every combination of settings for this one too (maybe that’s the problem) and can’t get the effect that I should be.
PS Sorry, I screwed up and left the world color a bright green to check for bleed-through when I zipped the file (too lazy to redo), you’re going to want to change that first.

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I dont believe alphas are compatible with any ray trans settings. This is the same reason why halo lights and particles wont work with raytrans…they’re only alphas, not mesh objects. Ray trace is an illusion, not the real deal.