Problems with ammo in 2.49

Hey everyone, in blender 2.48 I was able to use propertys to run out of ammo, but now that I have blender 2.49 that has stopped working, it just goes into the minises, does anyone know a different way to do that in 2.49, because I don’t want to downgrade, cause I’m sure 2.49 has some benefits. So please help as soon as you can.

A .blend would help?

Just add a new property sensor, set it to “not equal”, then set your ammo property name and the amount to 0. Now connect this to the same AND controller that fires the ammo and decreases the ammo count. Once the “not equal” sensor detects ammo is at 0, firing will stop as well as the decrease of ammo count.

Some more details would be helpfull.

‘space’ to fire.

Wow, sorry guys, it works now, thanks for the help, maybe the file I was using is corupted. Thanks anyway.