problems with animation at start game


my problem is that the frame start of animation not synchronize to the game start.
if have two animations on to different objects , frames play from 0 to 1020 both are play as ‘Loop End’ and both are connected to an always sensor with ‘tab’ on

i don’t have an solution for that, any idea?

use a property and action in property mode,

(these can’t be turned off however for some reason)

you mean with an timer prop that runs the animation and an int prop to get the frames as int?
such a crap…

Do you use python?

you can always just set the frame yourself?

what happens if you play both animations from the same objects sensor?
(connect across)?

no python, it’s only the opener for the game and it seems the frame async only if I load the Game from an other file, in the orginal .blend in the embedded player it’s synchron

no, connect across does the same async

Report, workaround, and move on :smiley:

yup nothing left to do