Problems with animation of the character

Hi guys,

I’ve created a character with 3 simple animations:

When press “W” the character walk.

When press “Space” the character Run.

When nothing is pressed, the character has a loop animation.

Everything worked well, but if i press W and Space together, the animation pause and stop working.

Can you guys help me?

thanks :smiley:

It sounds like you need to adjust the priorities on your animations. In your “action actutaor” there is a field called “Priority”. When Blender is trying to play multiple animations at the same time, it plays the animation that has the lowest priority number. (i.e. priority “0” will beat priority “10”).

Try setting your Run animation to priority 10, your walk to priority 20, and your idle to priority 100. The reason I suggested this is so that you have some room that if you add a “jump” animation it will have to have a priority as well and if there is room between the existing numbers then you can just add it without changing anything. If run, walk, idle were (0, 1, 2) and you wanted jump to trump all of them then you would have to change the priorities in all the logic bricks, which would be a pain.

thanks! this worked really well :smiley:

may i ask you another question? (i’m kinda new in blender game engine)

Now my character is working really well, but sometimes, i stop pressing space and the character keep running. How can i fix this?

once again, thanks :smiley:

There is a bug in the latest build of blender (or at least the one I have 2.68)

What “play mode” are the actions using? If you have one set to “loop end” then it will play until the cycle is completed.

In general when posting these kinds of problems you should post your “.blend” file as well. It is much easier to see what the problem is when we can examine the settings you have.

yeah I noticed it too blueprint… I have a problem where if i move the joystick really quick it locks up the animations and wont return to the idle animation…