Problems with Anistrophic shader

So I’m making a metal(ish) bike in cycles and I’m just noticed that the anistrophic shader is showing some artifacts. If you look closely at what I call the front arm (smooth thing that holds the wheel), and the handle bar cover - you can see the square polygons as if they each have their own anistrophy, you can see the edges. I want the anistrophy to be smooth and seamless across the whole body of the objects. How can I fix that?

Let me explain my setup:
Both of these objects have a subsurface modifiers on them set to 4 for render.
Both of them have the same anistrophy shader material on them which has it’s Tangent set to UV (texture coordinates).
For every piece of my bike that has this blue metal material on it I selected all faces, hit U and selected unwrap. This brought better results that the default anistrophy shader with Tangent set to nothing. However somethings wrong with the UV wrapping and the subdivision.

Anything guys? Thought this would be a simple fix.

Recalculate normals. If that doesn’t fix it, provide you .blend so we can investigate.