Problems with Append...

I’ve been noticing some weird behaviour in Blender. When I import some objects via File>>Append… it works ok; but when I press F12 to render the picture, it takes ages to START drawing the first line; furthermore, the render speed drops.

I’ve tried to import different scenes from different ones as well and it always happens the same. I initially thought that it would be due to increasing complexity. But then I realized that a terribly complex scene made without appending stuff rendered much much faster than a much simpler scene that had a part of it appended.

So what I was suspecting had kinda proven: the append process must do something that slows renders dramatically down.

Any clue?

In the bottom of the Shft-F1 window are two buttons “Link” and “Append”. Linking, especially without the “Relative Paths” button pressed, will take longer. Armatures can be more complex but I think you’re only talking renderable objects.


Choosing “Append” instead of “Link” is better anyway because then you can change the appended object without affecting the original.

But is there any relation between the append process and the render time? According to my experience there really is…

AFAIK, only if you use “Link”. If you use append it “should” make an unlinked copy that uses as much memory as creating it new in the file from scratch. If you do find discrepancies you could try solve them with Ctrl-A after appending. Otherwise post it as a bug.