Problems with armature in Pose Mode

Hello, everyone.
I’ve got a problem with rotating the bones.
I’m a beginner, in fact i’m still doing the tutorial. I just got to the point where you have to make your model move.
I switched to Pose Mode and in frame 1 I set the bones in the wanted position. Then i went to frame 11 and suddenly i couldn’t set the bones in the position i wanted anymore. Now anytime I rotate a bone the whole armature is setted in a completely different position (it’s neither Rest Position nor any position i setted anytime). I can use alt+r and everything sets in Rest Position, but with the next rotation everything is in this strange position again…

I googled my problem but I didn’t find ayone who had the same problem (but that may be caused by my lack of command of English). So I hope here is anyone who can help me.


Not really a answer to your problem, but i had the same yesterday (went back to animation after a looooooong stop)… In first place, i forgot to start things at the world’s center. In second place, i got puzzled by the new skinning process.
Thereafter, i started a new Armature (with all parents and constraints double checked (to make sure the thing would work) and used the “new” automatic skinning. For my simple monster: it worked!
Hope you’ll get it together soon too! :wink:

I already tried to start the animation again (using alt+I to delete the position in frame 1) and after i set frame 1 again, I had the same problem with the next frame one more time…
So I’m afraid you’re right and I should do the whole armature again.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your answer!