Problems with Armature mirroring


Can anyone explain the weird thing happening with armature between edit/pose mode?; the right leg is in different positions when toggling between the 2!. I’ve symmetrized the left leg to the right and this has happened. It may be something obvious but i just can;t see it.

Many thankslegs weight paint.blend (1.2 MB)

The armature is posed. Select all, W -> clear user transforms. The rest are because of ik pole target and angle.

Thanks JA12. Have I set up the pole angle correctly then? Is it a case of adjusting the angle manually until it’s in the right place? I’m a rigging novice!

Here’s a script that calculates the perfect pole angel:

You have to mute the ik constraint and enter pose mode before running the script, then it prints the angle in the system console (Info Header > Window > Toggle System Console). You also have to change the bone names in the script.

Thanks very much! The challenges never end!:grinning: