Problems with armatures and stickfigure limbs

Well, i don’t have a picture to provide ATM, but i will try and explain

When i set up a stick figure with armatures (for a Hl2 ragdoll) everything works great until i go into pose mode to test the movement

when i move a limb, the part of the limb closest to the origin of the armature flattens, the more i move it, the flatter

any ideas on what could be causing this?

and as a means to hijack my own thread, someone told me that the next version of blender will have advanced rigging systems, and someone else told me that there is a testing build available with this already. problem is, there are ALOT of testing builds, way too many for me to search through, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be appreiciated

I remember you got no reply on the last post about this. You can send me a .blend to ([email protected]) and I’ll take a look.

What OS are you on? so I can suggest a CVS build.


ah, yes, i forot that part

Win XP

unortunately, on my modelling computer, the internet is down, once i resolve that issue i shall send you the file


Interpreting your “stick figure” to be the usual “wooden dowels marionette,” you probably want the armature bones to be parented to the arm-segment objects, not to vertices in those objects. You want the entire arm segment to move as a unit, without distortion.