Problems with B3D exporter

I love coming up with the tough questions that have a real simple answer… :smiley:

I got a script to export a mesh of mine in B3D format, just to make them a bit easier to handle with Blitz3D, and I have a couple problems.

#1. I read I’m supposed to put the plugin into a script file, I can’t find any like that. I did find a folder called python25 with a bunch of scripts in it, so I tried putting it in there, but it still didn’t come up in the scripts menu.

#2. I tried running it in the text editor, and I get an error saying: “Python script error, check console.” I check the console, and it says this:

    File "", line 0
SyntaxError: unknown encoding: cp1252

I don’t program in Python, so I don’t know what these errors mean. Can someone tell me how to fix this? I have to go now, but I’ll get a link to the script tonight or tomorrow.

Are you using the latest version of this exporter?

Yeah, that’s the one.

Nobody knows what I can do to fix this?! Come on, I know some people use this script. Or is there a better b3d exporter?